Welcome! (Some introductions…)

My first blog post, as the title suggests, is an introduction and a welcome. My name is Emily and I’m (amongst other things) an English undergraduate at the University of Cambridge, UK, a choral scholar for Selwyn College Chapel Choir and a student theatre producer. I’ve just finished my Part I (second year) exams, and so I’m doing something I’ve been contemplating for a while…

I’m getting perilously close to joining the real world, as a (hopefully) functional adult contributing to society. I want to become a professional theatre producer, and so, alongside my relatively demanding degree, I’m producing student shows, doing internships and managing other arts and event-related projects, to gain experience and learn skills which will help me along the way.

This blog will document my journey towards becoming a professional theatre producer (I hope!) and provide information to anyone thinking about doing likewise. I would have benefited from knowing more about how producing works a while ago, and I still find that sometimes information about where to go and what to do is difficult to find if you don’t already know the right people, which I don’t. I hope this provides some information for those to whom it may be of use. I’m writing with an audience of anyone who will be in my shoes soon in mind, but my warmest welcome is extended to everyone interested in reading here.

If you want to read about working in theatre production/administration, from a general interest in theatre and wanting to find out more about what happens in the run up to a production, or because this is something you’re considering pursuing professionally, or simply because you want something new to read, I’m delighted to meet you, and I hope you enjoy taking this journey with me.

Obviously all the views expressed will be my own, and not those of any institution or individual I work with/mention/link.

Past Projects:

To get you up to date, so far, I’ve produced five student shows (A Little Night Music, May 2016, ADC Theatre, Cambridge; The Pirates of Penzance, November 2015, Robinson Auditorium, Cambridge; Othello, May 2015, ADC Theatre, Cambridge; Dreaming With Dali, February 2015, Corpus Playroom, Cambridge; L’Escargot, January/February 2015, The Pleasance Theatre, London, and Corpus Playroom, Cambridge), and assistant produced two (Tribes, November 2015, ADC Theatre, Cambridge; The Grand Duke, August 2015, Student International G&S Festival, Harrogate). In addition to this, I treasured the Watersprite International Student Film Festival in March 2016.

Current and Future Projects:

I’m currently treasuring the Newnham College June Event, which will take place on Tuesday 14th June 2016, and am the administrator for The Fisher Consort, a London and Cambridge based choir (for whom I also sing), as well as working in the ADC Theatre Box Office.

This summer I’m a producing intern for Fuel Theatre part time (Wednesday-Friday) for twelve weeks. This is a fantastic opportunity, which I’m incredibly excited about and grateful for. I hope to learn a lot about how a production company works (in the “real world”), what tasks are involved at different stages in the the run up to a production… and I’ll share as much as I can of what I learn here. I’m also producing a show going to the Edinburgh Fringe in August, which you should absolutely go see if you’re there. I can’t give you all the details yet, but they’ll be on this blog as soon as possible!

Next term (and partly over the summer in advance) I will be producing the Marlowe Society‘s annual showcase for graduating students. Around 14 of Cambridge’s best graduating actors will perform a series of monologues and duologues for agents, having been directed by Nicholas Barter (former Principal of RADA) and a team of assistant directors. This will be at the Arts Theatre in London, at 12pm on Friday 18th November.

More to come soon…

As the weeks and months go by, I’ll be telling you much more about the projects I’ve just mentioned, and how they’re progressing! I’ll also go back and tell you about the process for past projects… (In the meantime, you can always read the reviews linked above to get an idea of the sort of things I’ve done so far!)

Feel free to introduce yourself in the comments, like this post and/or follow the blog if you want to hear more. Please do let me know if there’s anything in particular you would like me to cover in the coming weeks or months!

Emily xxx

P.S. I will be posting on Mondays and Fridays for the time being, using Mondays to give general advice about Producing, and Fridays for updates about my projects (and advice based on what I’ve learned). So, I’ll see you on Monday with some tips about Producing as a Student!



  1. Hello Emily,
    Welcome to blogland and all the best in your journey.
    You are invited to my monthly blog party which just started right now. The link is Summery blog party live link. It’s through the weekend. Do step in and let’s get this party started. It’s a good way to meet and mix with other bloggers Regards, Jacqueline


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