Mixtape: Update!

In my last post about Mixtape, I let you all know how excited I am about this project and having you along from the beginning of the project to follow what I get up to! We are moving along now, so here is a brief update of what I’ve now done, and what’s next.


I’ve designed the basic budget, which includes working out the cost of the various publicity items (posters, flyers and badges) and props which are the basic budget issues, and the extended budget, which includes potential sponsorship by the record label with whom Sophie has dome some vocals for a new album. We want to use this for extra forms of publicity (Facebook promotion and Twitter promotion in particular).

Press Release:

I’m in the process of drafting the press release, which we will get out as soon as possible once I’ve written it.


I should receive the publicity design within a few days of writing this post, so I will hopefully have received and approved it by the time you read this, and will be ordering it not long after that.


The last big thing I need to get done asap is finding an op for the tech in the show. This will hopefully be someone who is in Edinburgh at the time anyway, and who is free to help out for an hour around lunchtime on the show days, in return for gratitude and seeing a great show. (If you are a person like this, you can contact me here, by the way.)

Once all this is done, more or less at the same time as this post goes live, I hope, the big preparation steps will be done, and there will be smaller things to get done – I’ll keep you posted on those too!

Let me know if you have any questions about producing a small free-fringe show for Edinburgh in the comments below, and feel free to like the post if you enjoyed it and/or follow the blog if you’re interested in more.

Monday’s post will be slightly different to some of my other advice posts; I watched an interesting video about the concept of “making it” (video linked in the post) and hoped that my thoughts about it might be helpful to people as well!

Emily xxx



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