The Marlowe Showcase: Initial Planning

I’ve written two recent posts about one of my projects for the summer (Mixtape, Edinburgh fringe, you can read them here and here if you missed them). The other project I have/will be working on this summer is the Marlowe Showcase. I have mentioned this before as something I started working on before I started blogging, which will be taking place in November, at the Arts Theatre in London, with a dress rehearsal the day before at the ADC theatre in Cambridge.

This is essentially rather like a drama school showcase – twelve to fourteen of our best graduating actors perform one or two monologues and duologues in front of an audience of industry professionals, such as agents and casting directors. The only difference is that they are graduating from the University of Cambridge, rather than a drama school. (However, lots of very successful actors have come through Cambridge, including Emma Thompson, Hugh Laurie, Tom Hiddleston…, so industry professionals take them seriously, if they’re good.) They have four weeks rehearsal on these (from the start of term in October until the performance), directed by Nicholas Barter (ex-Principal of RADA) and assistant directors (other students).

So far, I’ve had the “background admin” to do – I’ve contacted the Arts Theatre in London to book the performance slot, I’ve opened applications (link will take you to the advert on the Cambridge theatre website) for a production team and I’ve started planning a budget (links will take you to my posts about how to do both these things).

The next steps will be finalising everything which can be finalised before term starts, (appointing the production team, scheduling auditions and interviews, finalising the budget and agreements with the theatre…) and then, in October, managing the rehearsal schedule, booking rooms for rehearsals, and supervising the trip to London and get in/out of the Arts Theatre.

Stay tuned to hear more about my summer projects (I start my internship in 10 days time!!) and my general thoughts about how to be the best producer you can be.

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Emily xxx


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