Fuel Internship – Week 4

As has been the case in the last three weeks, I have loved this week at Fuel! It’s been a slightly different week, with quite a few things to do outside the office, and it’s been huge fun, despite the fact that it has been very hot in London this week. As always, I’m learning a lot, and a lot is being reinforced just by sitting in the office listening to what’s going on.

Day 10:

Wednesday was my most administrative day of the week. I started with some proofreading of a marketing pack, for a show which we are intending to take on tour, and then did quite a lot of recent filing which needed to be done. Filing may sound boring (it would have to me, if you’d told me five weeks ago that I would be doing a lot of filing and filing system reorganisation) but it’s actually incredibly useful in terms of learning about all the things that get done in the run up to a show (because you file them all), what they look like, and how you can organise them to find them again afterwards. Given that learning is what I’m here to do as an intern, it’s really great. On top of that, it’s also something that you can be 100% certain is a. helpful to the people you’re working for, and b. will continue to have an impact, because they’re going to continue to use those files, and continue to need to find stuff, which they can do with more ease if you’ve filed them in a very accessible way.

Day 11:

On Thursday I started my day by leaving the office to deliver a drum to one of our artists homes. It was an odd trip – I don’t think the people on the tube liked me particularly, but I enjoyed it. I then did some research into potential artists/theatres to contact, for a show which may be touring in the future. This was interesting, in that it explained one way to get your show to new places – find out who might be able to help you in the place you want to go to, and invite them to see it where you are. In the afternoon I had some administrative things to do – booking taxis and hotels for an artist taking a show to a festival in a few weeks and compiling contact sheets for two other shows coming up. Again, the administrative tasks are really helpful in learning how the small things which need to be done in the run up to a show fit together, and practising asking people to do things, and asking people for information over the phone continues to be good practise for me.

Day 12:

On Friday I spent the morning doing a few administrative tasks and follow ups – some filing of recent documents, chasing a few receipts I’d been told by the taxi company and hotel that they would send me, but hadn’t. I also went through a list of theatres and contact names which a colleague outside of London had sent us, to check exactly what each venue was like, and who the contact was, before we get in touch with them. My afternoon was all travelling, which was different, if a little stressful, because the trains were running late. Nonetheless, I managed to get everything I needed to do – I collected some equipment from Deptford and brought it back to the office, dropped off different equipment to the National Theatre and went to get some posters printed at a local printers.

That’s all for this week, thanks as always for reading, and feel free to like this post if you enjoyed it, comment with any thoughts or questions (I’m always keen to hear feedback!) and follow the blog if you haven’t already. I’ll be back on Monday with some advice on running production meetings, and then next Friday with an update on my next week at Fuel.

Lastly, a huge thank you to my wonderful friend who lent me his room for this week and last – you’re great and I really appreciate all your help!

Emily xxx



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