Fuel Internship – Week 5

This week at Fuel has been a quiet one for the office as a whole, as a lot of people have been on holiday, but a busy one for me, which is always good. And, at the risk of sounding like an ever-broken record, it’s been another great week. I’ve been up to a variety of different things, many similar to what I’ve done in past weeks (if you’ve missed them, you can find the posts about them here, here, here and here) and a few different things, including a fair bit of office redecoration! (read on to find out…)

Day 13:

Wednesday was a day of several tasks, including my first few bits of office redecoration. Fuel always have a map labelled with where all our shows are going in the season up on the blackboard display, and the one for this season (autumn) hadn’t been made yet, so I did that, which was fun. It is an impressive visual aid, both in terms of remembering how much work is being done, and where future work could go, to make sure we are reaching as vast an audience as possible. The other bit of office redecoration was beginning to assemble a large photo display, made up of a series of artistic photographs which had been taken to celebrate Fuel’s tenth anniversary, in 2014. I also did a bit of ordering of equipment, and some filing of recent documents which needed filing, as the person who had been responsible for those particular shows had left the company (to move abroad, nothing dramatic), and her replacement wouldn’t be starting for another week.

Day 14:

Thursday was a more administrative day; my biggest task of the day was to go through all of 2016’s files, and the company’s spreadsheet of contracts, and make sure that they matched up, flagging any contracts which were missing from the files, and adding in any contracts which had been filed without being added to the spreadsheet. This took me most of the day, but I did have time to finish the photo arrangement I’d started the day before, and start to make a programme overview to go on the blackboard display with the map. I made the display, but didn’t start adding content, mostly because I didn’t have time, but also partly because it is for 2017 and 2018, I wasn’t 100% sure, out of the things we have pencilled in, which were pencilled firmly, and which were pencilled hopefully, and my colleagues were busy.The third thing which was going to go on the black was a calendar, and I decided to start with that, rather than the programme the next day.

Day 15:

I spent Friday morning adding to the blackboard display, which already had the map, and to which I added a calendar of events by date, rather than location, so that anyone can look up and see what is on today/in the next four months in detail, as well as where any of our work is. Emilie told me that this is something they’ve been wanting to have for ages, but had never had time to make, so I was glad to be able to contribute. In the afternoon I went on a round trip; to get some printing done, some things posted and some highlighters purchased, so that I could finish the calendar colour code. It was a long wet walk, and the printers was filled with students desperately trying to reach dissertation deadlines and jumping the queue, but in the end I got everything I needed, and finished my calendar.

That’s all for this week, thanks as always for reading! Weird to think, but as you read this – I’m an hour away from being half way through this internship, and this time next week, you’ll have read 6 of the 12 updates about it! Time is flying by…

Feel free to like this post if you enjoyed it, comment if you have any thoughts or questions, and follow the blog if you haven’t already and are interested in hearing more from me!

I’d also like to thank the wonderful friend who put me up this week – I really appreciated it, and your house is lovely!

Emily xxx



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