Fuel Internship – Week 6

With the completion of my sixth week at Fuel, I am now officially half way through my internship, and I’ve already learned so much! I can’t wait to see what the next six weeks have in store for me. I’ve had another great week; and I’m so grateful to Fuel for this fantastic opportunity.

Day 16:

On Wednesday I started by creating a profile on the ACE website for one of our artists. This was beginning to become rather desperate a task (the Arts Council can take up to 5 working days to authorise a new profile, although they usually take less, and we wanted to submit her application for funding on Friday) so I got it done as soon as possible. The next thing on my list was to finish the visual aid display in three parts for seeing the future of Fuel that I’d started last week. That took the remainder of my morning and the start of my afternoon, and was a good experience in the best way to take feedback. When we looked over my work at the end of the morning, I thought I’d done exactly what I’d been asked, but when she saw the result, Emilie saw several things which she wanted to change. I wondered for a split second whether I’d originally misunderstood her, or whether it was her “fault” for not explaining what she wanted clearly enough, or whether she’d just changed her mind, and then I realised it didn’t matter. I’d done a good job, that much was obvious from what she said, but a couple of things could be improved, and I had time to do so (I wasn’t working to a deadline for instance). So I made the improvements after lunch, and the end result is something I’m very proud of, and which I know all the team of Fuel will be looking at a lot, some bits of it for two years! The second half of my afternoon was dedicated to another, long-term task: reorganising the marketing statistics, so that they can be read in several ways.

Day 17:

On Thursday I started the day doing a little more reformatting of the marketing statistics, but then was directed towards more pressing work which I could help with. We needed to book some extra comp tickets for an event to which supporters of Fuel are being invited to see some of the work we have going on at the moment, so I got that done. We needed to take some paperwork to be posted with next-day-delivery to some artists, so I did that, and then focused on filling the artist whose account I had created the previous day’s application into the portal. We were lucky – ACE were able to authorise the account a day and a half after we requested it, and I was able to fill in the whole application by the end of the day, meaning that Emilie was able to come in and check it when she arrived at work, and submit it on Friday morning as planned. This was not the first ACE application I have submitted during my time at Fuel, but I was really pleased to discover that my familiarity with both the portal and how the applications work has improved dramatically in the last six weeks, meaning I feel much more confident to start doing my own applications for my own projects in future.

Day 18:

On Friday I spent the whole day focusing on the reformatting of marketing statistics. Currently they are sorted into excel spreadsheets by quarter (3 month period, so by date basically), and we want to be able to find the statistics for a show by either venue or by show as well, so I worked on that. I got the last two quarters completely finished by show, and the last quarter finished by venue, which felt like quite an achievement! I will continue to work backwards on this as and when I have a free moment in the next six weeks, and it will hopefully be entirely finished (right the way back to 2004) by the time I leave in early October.

All that is left is to say a huge thank you to my family, who decided to make the family summer holiday a trip to London, so that I could be with you exploring London on Tuesday and Saturday, and come back to a flat full of family members after work. You’re all wonderful, and I’m very grateful.

That’s it for this week, thank you as always for reading and feel free to like this post if you enjoyed it, let me know your thoughts/questions in the comments and follow the blog if you haven’t already and are interested in hearing more! Monday will be all about organising paperwork (it might sound boring, but I promise it won’t be! Come back and check if you don’t believe me!) and then I’ll tell you all about Week 7 at Fuel on Friday.

Emily xxx

P.S. If you know of a good production for me to see after work in the next few weeks in London, please let me know in the comments (ideally one with tickets for less than £20, because I’m a student and an unpaid intern and I can’t afford to pay a small fortune to see shows, wonderful thought they may be)!



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