Fuel Internship – Week 7

The start of this week (well, the middle, in some ways, given I work Wednesday-Friday, but the start for me!) was still a quiet office, but by the end of the week, things got busier and we’re now looking at a much busier month than the last, during which I will be (hopefully successfully!) putting into practice the skills and knowledge that I’ve been able to learn and develop so far in more depth.

Day 19:

Wednesday was the quietest day in the office, when I arrived and for most of the morning, there was only Niamh and I in. (Gareth, who was in in the late morning and the afternoon was making sure that some auditions got started well.) My first task was a delivery of some equipment to one of our artists, which was successful and fine, although by the time I got back it felt like my morning was gone in no time, because it took a little while. I then had a contact list to make up for an event on Friday which guests and supporters of Fuel were attending (I mentioned a little about it in my post last week, which you can read here, if you missed it). That took me quite a way through the afternoon, after which I finished up some filing fixed which Emilie had asked me to get done when I could, and started on writing some thank you notes for the venues which had hosted project during our Spring Season (which was ending, with the launch of the new, autumn season on the Friday. You can find out more about what is happening in Fuel’s new season on their website, and I would really recommend their stuff – it’s incredible!).

Day 20:

Thursday was a little busier; there were five of us in the office, and there was more discussion going on around the room, which, as I’ve mentioned before, I’ve found very useful as a way of learning about what others in the company are doing, and more generally about what’s going on in the theatre world at the moment, and what those working on similar things think about the projects. Pro tip – if you’re interning for anyone, listen to what people are talking about it the office: you learn so much!! I spent the first half of the morning finishing off the thank you notes to venues, and the filing of envelopes with said notes and thank you chocolates. Once I’d got those all done, we didn’t actually have enough stamps in the office for them all, so I went off on a little excursion to get some more stamps, and also some milk, because we’d run out, and an office in England cannot function without us being able to have tea whenever we need… I got back and stamped all the letters, and took them to the building’s post room, the easiest way ever to get things posted, and made additionally nice by the fact that the post room staff are inordinately nice, and always remember your name, even if you’re only an intern who’s only there for a few weeks. I spent the afternoon booking extra last-minute tickets for the event the next day, and updating my contact and information sheet about the guests as I went, and continuing to work on the marketing statistics update as I went.

Day 21:

Friday felt like a very busy day in the office as three people came back from leave on the same day, and we had this networking event happening in the afternoon, as well as launching the new season online and in the newsletter, which meant it was another very good day for learning from listening to what was going on around me. I had a couple of small updates to make to my contact list for the event and another ticket to book first thing when I got in, before sending the final list to the co-director and executive director who were going to the event. I then worked more or less all day on the marketing statistics, with intermittent moments of small tasks to assist the busy members of staff getting back after their leave (including sending a sample script to a theatre, collecting and putting away a collection of headphones for a future project…). The reorganising of statistics online is really interesting; I’ll be writing more about what I’ve learned from it on Monday, so stay tuned for that.

I want to say a huge and wholehearted thank you to the wonderful friend who let me stay with him this week – you’re fantastic (beyond your hospitality, obviously, but this is mostly a thank you for that), and I really appreciated it. Especial thanks for providing me with incredibly tasty food!

That’s all for this post, thank you all as always for reading! Feel free to like this post if you enjoyed it, leave a comment with your thoughts/questions, and/or follow the blog if you haven’t already and you’re interested in reading more – getting feedback from readers is always encouraging! Monday’s post will be all about marketing statistics and how to organise them, and I’ll be back again next Friday with an update about my time with Fuel.

Emily xxx


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