Fuel Internship – Week 9

Week 9. I have three weeks left (two, by the time you read this!) and I’m already quite sad about it; I’m loving working for Fuel (if you hadn’t worked that out already, maybe go back and read a couple of the previous posts about my time here… :P) and will miss it when I’m done.

Day 25:

Wednesday was a relatively relaxed day, filled with small things which needed doing to keep everything ticking forwards nicely. I started by working through the quotations I’d received for possibilities for branded sweets for Fuel (for details see last week’s post here) and discussing them with Emilie and Robyn, the head of programme and the administrator. I sent the best option a couple of questions about label shape/sizes and requested a sample. Then I sorted out some receipts which I needed refunding for travel expenses etc. I then took the script for a production which we will be taking to schools around the country in a few weeks (for further details see Fuel’s twitter updates, several of which will have been drafted by me!) to be bound and posted to the performer. I got some other things, including print cartridges to be recycled posted and then worked on updating the communications statistics for July and August. This is essentially a track record of twitter analytics, facebook statistics, soundcloud statistics, google analytics for the website… to see how virtual interactions are being received.

Day 26:

On Thursday, my biggest task of the day was being on the panel for the interviews being held for a job at Fuel. The team had felt it would be a good experience for me to find out how that environment works and that my perspective would be interesting to them (or at least they told me that!) It was an absolutely fascinating experience, and I found myself thinking about how I would have answered the questions, what I liked/didn’t like in their answers; what I felt was stronger/weaker in their presentations, and from all that, what I needed to try and do myself in interviews in future. It was reassuring to find out that my instincts about what was better/weaker was in parallel with what the other interviewers (ie. the members of the company who were actually making that decision) thought. Now I just need to be able to put it into practise! One thing I hadn’t realised which I can share now – you may well already know this, but just in case you don’t: it is expected to speak in an interview as if you’ve got the job, so ‘I will do this…’ and ‘We will do that…’, rather than the conditional ‘If you hired me, I would…’, which would have been my go to.

Day 27:

The highlight on Friday was getting to go to the first, private sharing of New Europe, a piece which Fuel were associate producers for, which had had two weeks of research and development time, and was having a public sharing at a sold out event at Camden People’s Theatre the next day. It was an incredibly exciting experience, and one which I’d never really had; somewhere between a public dress rehearsal, where the audience was 11 people made up of the creative team around the event, and a private discussion (perhaps the latter so much more so because it was a one-man discussion performance). I loved the piece, and the way it neatly brought together different narrative strands, while all being spoken by the same performer and I thought it explored some really interesting ideas. It was doubly exciting to realise that that is part of your job as producer – to see exciting new theatre and help it grow. As I write this, Jesse’s performance at CPT hasn’t happened yet, but I’m sure it will go brilliantly, and if you’re one of the lucky people to have been along, let me know what you thought of it in the comments! Before and after the sharing I had some other, more ‘normal’ things to do in the office; scan a prompt script of the only copy of one of our shows, so that we  had a backup in case it got lost, getting a list of contact details for drama teachers at schools in an area we are hoping to take a school’s tour too, get contact details together for people to invite to another event we’re hosting… It was a great day, and a great end to the week at Fuel.

All that remains to be said for this week is a huge thank you to the wonderful friend who let me stay this week after my plans had to change – I’m incredibly grateful.

That’s all for this week, thanks as always for reading! Feel free to like this post if you enjoyed it, let me know your thoughts and questions in the comments and follow the blog if you haven’t already, and are interested in hearing more! I’ll be back on Monday with some advice about pushing yourself and then on Friday with an update about Week 10!

Emily xxx

P.S. Do let me know if there’s anything you would like me to cover in a blog post sometime, and I’ll do my best to fulfil that!


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