Fuel Internship – Week 10

The fact that this is my week 10 post is slightly odd. Where did the summer go? I’ve had another really wonderful week at Fuel, but it’s starting to kick in that it’s almost over. By the time you read this, I’ll have said goodbye to a couple of the Fuel team members who are going on holiday (or, in one case, on honeymoon – congratulations again!) and only have three more whole days at work… Needless to say, I’m getting as much as possible out of them, and trying really hard to make them last as long as possible.

Day 28:

On Wednesday the office was quite quiet, as a couple of people were working from home, but I had plenty of things to keep me occupied. I started off my day with updating the google calendar (which exists so that everyone know what is going on outside the office at any given time, and has a fair idea of what everyone else on the team is doing) with the most recent things in the programme plan; pencilled in shows go in in one colour, confirmed shows in another (and a couple of pencilled in changed to confirmed etc.). Then I had another script to go get bound, this time for the director of the show (the last one was for the actor, given the director has a ‘proper’ printed edition) who felt that the printed and bound script was much easier to work from and wanted one as well. The next task on my to-do list was drafting an invitation email to a performance of one of Fuel’s future productions for collaborators and (hopefully) future venues/future collaborators. This was an exciting task, particularly as I’ve not yet written one of these, and they’re an important part of the producing process (and a particularly useful skill to learn in advance of the Marlowe Showcase, which I am in the process of producing and will be inviting agents to very shortly!). My next important task for the day was continuing to reformat the marketing statistics by venue and artist, rather than by date. In between the big tasks there were other little bits and pieces of course; some printing (including colour printing, which meant a second trip to the printing and binding shop, who absolutely noticed that hadn’t I already been in earlier, and was I back?), a couple of emails, sending some documents from the shared drive to people working from home, following up with the branded sweets company… Then, at the end of the day I got started on another bigger task, which I expected to finish the next day – looking up reviews of collaborators’ work to include in a funding application.

Day 29:

Thursday was a good, busy day. I had a couple of bits of work to do in terms of assisting with a funding application to Creative Scotland, for some research and development to happen in a few months. The simple bit was transferring the budget from its Excel format, which will be used by Fuel into the application form (and fixing a couple of issues which came up when we discovered a mistake in one of the Excel formulae), and the slightly longer task was sorting through the supporting material of biographies of collaborators, and finishing collecting the reviews I’d started getting together the previous day. I had a little bit of filing to do, and some shredding of confidential information. The next thing I had to do was find a video of a previous performance of a piece of work by one of our collaborating artists, who wanted to have a copy of it. Unfortunately the edited version of this made by a previous employee at Fuel was nowhere to be found, so, after some searching, I trawled through the SD card of our video camera to find the footage of the show, which was in several 20 minute clips, because more than that is too long for the camera. This led to my learning the very basics of a new skill: video editing. I downloaded some free editing software recommended by a quick google of what worked, and linked the videos together into one (this sounds simple in writing, but it took me quite a while to work out even just how to do that. If anyone has any advice on learning how to edit videos, so I can do this better and with more ease in the future, I would be very grateful for it!) I then started on some information which needed adding to an ACE application online.

Day 30:

On Friday I had a lot to do. I started by finishing up with the ACE funding application I had started the previous day, and then finished up some elements of the Creative Scotland funding application that had come up in the previous two days. Then I worked on my biggest task of the day: compiling a list of all the information we would need, in order to complete a visa application for travel to Australia for one of our artists. I had several visa forms, the instructions from our contact and google, and I needed to get a list of information to Gareth, so he could get in touch with the artist once, by email or phone, knowing all the information that he needed to ask him for. This was a complicated procedure, but I got there in the end (and now, if I ever go to Australia, I will know what is expected of me in terms of visas!).

That’s all for this week, thanks as always for reading, and thank you to the wonderful friend who I stayed with this week, it was really lovely! Feel free to like this post if you enjoyed it, let me know your thoughts and questions in the comments (especially if you have advice about video editing) and follow the blog if you haven’t already and you’d like to read more.

Emily xxx

P.S. Over 100 people are now following this blog, and I’d just like to thank you all for your support and encouragement – I really appreciate it! I hope you continue to enjoy my writing!


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