The Marlowe Showcase – 12 Days to Go Update!

As I mentioned two weeks ago, my current project (well, other than my degree, singing in a choir four times a week, maintaining this blog…) is The Marlowe Showcase. And as you can see from the title of this post, it is getting quite close! Everything is going well so far, which is wonderful. You can see profile of the actors on the showcase website here (and mine, if you’re interested, under ‘Creatives’, although most of the information there is available on this blog!).

The showcase will consist of an opening musical number, composed by Cambridge student Toby Marlow (no relation to Christopher!) and the fourteen actors performing a series of classical and contemporary monologues and duologues (which they are in the process of choosing in their rehearsals). The rehearsals, with both Nicholas Barter, the Director, and with the Assistant Directors, Maria and Isaac are going well, and the actors are also taking Alexander Technique classes.

In terms of what I’ve done while the rehearsals go on – the first thing, was sending out invitations, which I’m thrilled to say has gone well – we’ve had enough of a response to think that Jermyn St might be entirely full of agents and casting directors, and the Cambridge performance is sold out! Unfortunately, this has meant that we’ve had to say to the actors that we won’t be able to accommodate their families, in order to be able to welcome as many agents/casting directors as possible, but this is in their interests too, so they haven’t complained too much! We will be following up with a couple more people just to make sure we have as many people in as possible (and, of course, as I said two weeks ago, if you are an agent or casting director and would be interested in coming to the showcase, you would be more than welcome: please get in touch with me here!) but so far this has gone very very well!

The last few things I mentioned I needed to finish off two weeks ago are all done; sorting out transport and budgeting has gone well, and of course, given that I’ve told you that the Cambridge performance is sold out, that tells you that we’ve finalised venue arrangements in Cambridge – the preview will take place at the Corpus Playroom. So my plans for the next few weeks are finish off following up with agents/casting directors, and hopefully fill Jermyn St with people who will want to represent our (really very good) actors, and fix any problems which come up. Hopefully there won’t be too many of those, but if there are, I’m sure I’ll get them solved.

In other news, this is/has been an exciting week for seeing theatre: on Wednesday I went to see E x i l e, a new piece of student writing by  Rute Costa, at the Corpus Playroom, which was really interesting and thought provoking, and thoroughly enjoying. I’m going to see Little Shop of Horrors tonight, and then seeing Jonathan Glew’s John Lennon “In his own write” at the V&A tomorrow afternoon! I’ve also been offered the position of part-time Duty Manager at Corpus Playroom, starting next month, which I’m excited about – it’s a great opportunity to learn more about how the operational/management side of theatres works.

That’s all for this week, thank you as always for reading! Feel free to like the post if you enjoyed it, please do leave a comment with your thoughts and/or questions, and follow the blog if you haven’t already and you’re interested in hearing more from me. Next week I’m writing about time management and the juggling act, and the following week I’ll tell you a bit about The Greek Play I saw a few weeks ago, and how I’m finding studying for the Tragedy Paper, which is mostly theatre, from a literary perspective!

Emily xxx



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