Recommended Theatre For March 2017

It’s already March! This year is flying by – we’re already 1/6 of the way through it, and it barely feels like it started… I have less two weeks left of formal teaching for my degree and I’ll have finished my exams in three months time! Crazy. Without further ado, here are a selection of plays that I think look exciting in the month ahead. I’m planning to go see a few of these, and would love to hear from anyone who sees any of the others with your thoughts! (Living vicariously and all that… :P)

In London:

My Country, at the National Theatre. A new play about Brexit based on interviews with people around the country. It’s playing at the National Dorfman Theatre from now til the 28th March, and then going on tour around the UK (so watch out for it in my ‘Other’ recs in the next few months!). You can book tickets here.

Twelfth Night, at the National Theatre, starring Tamsin Greig as Malvolia. You can read what I thought of it here, and book tickets here.

– An Evening With An Immigrant (which if you read these posts regularly you’ll know I recommend every time it’s on: it is just that good) is on at Stratford Circus Arts Centre 16-18 March. You can book tickets here. It’s also on at Tara Arts 24-25th March, which you can book for here.

In Cambridge:

– Caryl Churchill’s Escaped Alone is on at the Cambridge Arts Theatre 14-18 March. Stay tuned to hear what I think of it, and/or book a ticket here.

– Cambridge University Amateur Dramatics Club are putting on How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying 15-25th March at the ADC Theatre. I saw How to Succeed in Business on Broadway in 2011, with Daniel Radcliffe in it, and it was hilarious: I have high hopes for this production. If you want to book, you can do so here.


– An Evening With An Immigrant, which I’ve recommended in the London section of the blog is also touring to Newcastle (7-8th March, book here), Hexham (9th March, book here), Derby (11th March, book here), Coventry (13-14th March, book here), Poole (15th March, book here), Peterborough (22nd March, book here), Margate (23rd March, book here). I hope one of those is near enough to you that you can get to it: it really is a phenomenal piece.

– Racheal Ofori’s Portrait is on at Northern Stage, Newcastle 14-15th March (book here) and at Wolverhampton Arena 16th March (book here). If either of these places are within reach for you I wholeheartedly recommend this, and I’d love to hear what you thought of it!

Those are my top recommendations: I hope you’ve found something that’s caught your eye! Of course, there are hundreds of other, fantastic things on in these places and elsewhere: I’d love to hear your recommendations, both for me and for other readers, in the comments!

I’ve realised, after a couple of months of doing them, that writing my ‘Recommended Theatre for the month’ blogs on the first Friday of the Month, and my ‘Theatre I enjoyed during the month’ on the last Friday of the month is a little impractical; you miss a few days of a month on either side, so as of now, I’m exchanging them: my recommendations for April will come out on the final Friday of March, what I enjoyed in March will be the first Friday of April and so on. I hope that will work well!

That’s all for this week, thank you as always for reading, liking, commenting and following the blog: I really appreciate your support! I’ll be back on Friday with a review of Sex With Strangers at Hampstead Theatre, which I saw last Friday, too late for it to make it into my February Theatre I Enjoyed (and the prompt for the schedule change). See you then!

Emily xxx

P.S. If you like the theatre I recommend, you might want to follow me on Twitter, where I retweet anything I think looks interesting, including some plays which don’t end up making it into this post, to keep it a readable length!


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