What Am I Doing In Theatre At The Moment?

Just a short life update this week, to answer a question that I’ve been asked.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you may well have been wondering why I haven’t mentioned any current projects since I finished Cigarettes and Chocolate. After all, until now, there hasn’t been a moment in the last 10 months since I started this blog when I haven’t had one or more projects to update you about here… The answer is: I actually don’t have any theatre projects on at the moment. I have (so far) resisted taking anything on until I finish my (two!) dissertations and my exams. In Cambridge, 100% of your final degree grade depends on the examined work of your final year, so all of my work for three years will come out as a grade based on my dissertations and three exams in May. So they’re my priority right now, and I’m trying to keep it that way (despite all the amazing projects going on in Cambridge that I’d love to get involved with).

I’m also spending a fair bit of my free time looking into my options for work next year: I’m planning to work in theatre management/arts administration of some sort, but currently don’t have something fixed, so that’s also a secondary priority, which is bumping student projects down.

I couldn’t completely disregard theatre until June, obviously: I would wither and fade away I think, but I’m limiting it for a few months.I’m going to see as much theatre as I can and working a few shifts in the ADC Box Office and Duty Managing at the Corpus Playroom. My dissertations are both theatre-related: the first is about contemporary performances of Shakespeare and the use of female actors (spoiler: I disagree with Dominic Cavendish’s recent article in the Telegraph) and the second about Caryl Churchill’s use of children to express political criticism. It’s less than I’d like to be doing, but it is still keeping me feeling a little bit involved, as well as letting me prioritise long term goals like graduating with a good degree and getting a job.

Once I have graduated I will post my dissertations on this blog, so you can see what I had been up to in these few months, but I can’t do that til I have graduated because plagiarism searches don’t take into account authors, and I don’t want to have to deal with potentially being accused of plagiarising my own work! In the meantime, I will be continuing to post once a week, on a Friday at 5pm UK time, because I find it really good for me. I like knowing I have a deadline set only by me, that no one will be hurt by if I miss it, and making it anyway, and I find the writing really fun. That said, there will probably be more Q&A/ general thoughts about things style posts, and fewer posts detailing my projects and what I’m learning from them. We’ll hopefully get back to that in a few months!

Thanks as always for reading and for your support: I really enjoy writing this blog, and it’s always encouraging to see people liking and commenting on posts, and following the blog. I’ll be back next week with my 10 Favourite Plays! See you then!

Emily xxx


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