Recommended Theatre for May 2017

It’s the last Friday of April, which makes it time for me to recommend things to see in the month ahead! This past month has been an okay one for me, in theatre terms; I’ve seen a couple of really great things (more on that next week) but I’ve mostly been focusing on dissertations (which were due on 25th April) and revision for my final exams (25th, 26th and 31st May). I’m going to see a few things this month, although I’m still focusing on revision and exams: please go see these productions and tell me about them in the comments, so I can live vicariously through you!

For anyone new to the blog – welcome! I post weekly blogs about theatre, on a Friday at 5pm (UK time), and I hope you stick around for more. I tend to recommend theatre in London, Cambridge and Sheffield, because those are the places I spend the most time, and am most aware of what’s going on. If I know of anything else that is good, elsewhere in the UK, or anywhere in the world, I’ll recommend that too. I’m not sponsored (or even contacted) by any of the productions I include: they’re all simply things that I have seen/am planning to see/would go to see if I could! In this post, I tend to recommend 8-10 things (I think more than that makes the post a bit long…) but obviously there are more amazing things going on in the theatre world! If you follow me on twitter, I tweet about everything I see that looks interesting!

Without further ado, here are the things I’m most interested in in May:

In London:

Consent, at the National Theatre til the 17th May. I haven’t managed to see this (I’m still sort of hoping I’ll make it) but it looks phenomenal. You can book tickets here.

– The Barbershop Chronicles, at the National Theatre from the 30th May. I’ll recommend this again next month, but it does, just, come into May’s recommendations too. It’s by Inua Ellams, and produced by Fuel, both of which are a sign that it’ll be fantastic. You can book tickets here.

The Addams Family Musical, New Wimbledon Theatre, 16th-20th May. This musical, setting the Addams family a few years later than the famous comics/films/TV series, sees Wednesday Addams, now 18, fall in love with a normal boy… The couple try to introduce their families, and chaos ensues. (Not a scenario reserved to the kooky Addams clan!) It opened in Edinburgh this week to fantastic reviews and I’m really excited to be going to see it: it’s a hilarious musical, and a great treat to go see it and escape from revision! It’s on a UK tour, rather than in the West End, so it’s not in central London, but I’m getting there on the tube, so I think that totally counts! You can book tickets here.

In Cambridge:

– Bad Jews at the Corpus Playroom from 2nd to 6th May. This looks entertaining and clever. You can book tickets here.

– Love Story at the Corpus Playroom from 9th-13th May. A chamber musical by a BAFTA award winning composer… I’m intrigued and planning to go! You can book tickets here.

– The Merchant of Venice at the ADC Theatre from 16th-20th May. It’s Shakespeare, which is a good start (though I admit it isn’t my favourite of his). The technical aspects of this production sound more complex and impressive than probably anything I’ve seen done in my three years in Cambridge: current plans include 21 tons of water and a self-driving punt… Probably not one to miss! You can book tickets here.

In Sheffield:

Julius Caesar at the Crucible Theatre, on from the 18th May-10th June. I’m going to see this with my family as my 21st birthday present (in early June, unfortunately, so you won’t hear about it until July), that’s how much I want to see this show. I’ve mentioned my dissertation on the role of female actors in contemporary productions of Shakespeare on this blog repeatedly (sidenote. I handed it in this week. It’s officially finished and with the markers. Good vibes/thoughts/prayers are appreciated.) and I’m looking forwards to seeing Zoe Waites playing Cassius, bringing everything I’ve thought and learned about female actors in contemporary Shakespeare to understand it, without having to make notes! You can book tickets here.


I’ve mentioned The Addams Family Musical visiting the New Wimbledon theatre in London, but it’s on tour, and it is also going elsewhere… You can book tickets for it in Northampton, 9th-13th May, (at Northampton Royal and Derngate) here, or Canterbury, 23rd-27th May, (at the Canterbury Marlowe) here. (It’s continuing to tour til October, and may end up coming closer to you still: see the full list of venues here, or wait til I recommend them on this blog in the next few months, assuming I like it when I see it!)



  1. The New Wolsey Theatre has had some interesting shows recently as well, the most recent was an updated version of “Waiting for God” which, for those of us who remember the television series had lost none of its humour, but perhaps the most enjoyable this year has to have been “Wisdom of a Fool” Jack Lane as Norman Wisdom was amazing, he had the audience laughing and then in tears, it’s still touring, I believe and well worth going to see

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