Recommended Theatre for July 2017

This is going to be a short one, because I haven’t had time to schedule it in advance (did I mention I’ve started a new job? Once or twice? Okay…) and I’m writing it on the morning it goes up, which is also the day of my university graduation: my family arrive in an hour, and my room still needs hoovering (vacuuming for North American readers). Apologies for the brevity, but I hope you manage to make it to these shows, because they’re great, and you shouldn’t miss them!

Working at Southwark Playhouse, London. More on this next week, because I saw it just under two weeks ago, and I want to tell you about it in detail, but it’s a fantastic chamber musical, on until the 8th July. Go go go. It’s being marketed on the basis that it was written by Stephen Schwartz (Wicked) and embellished by Lin Manuel Miranda (Hamilton), which is reflected in the show: it is incredibly well written. You can book tickets here.

Jungle Book UK Tour. I kind of have to recommend this, because I’m spending a lot of my time working on it at the moment, but I would recommend it anyway. This adaptation of Kipling’s text is set in the urban jungle and is a circus musical, suitable for the whole family! (We’re suggesting 8+ as a guideline, because it can be quite loud, and Shere Khan could be scary for younger viewers, but we will welcome younger audiences if their parents think they will enjoy it!) You can catch it in Doncaster 12-15th July (book here), Birmingham 19-22nd July (book here) or Bristol 26-28th July (book here) in July (I’ll tell you about future tour dates in future posts, but you can also find the full list of tour dates here).

Rotterdam, Arts Theatre, London. I haven’t seen this yet, but I went to a breakfast discussion on Tuesday at the arts theatre about questions of gender and theatre, and I’m going to go see this play as a result of hearing what the people who made it have to say about it. You should too. It’s won an Olivier, it had a really successful run in NYC, and it’s an important play to be happening right now. It’s only on until the 15th. Go see it. Book here.

That’s all for this week I’m afraid – I need to go clean my room and then go graduate! I’ll be back next week with my thoughts about the theatre I’ve seen this month (which has been amazing!), so stay tuned for that, and I’d love to hear any recommendations you have for July (preferably within reach of London) in the comments!

Emily xxx

P.S. There is a lot of discussion of theatre etiquette going on in the comments of last week’s post – I’d love it if you added your thoughts to the mix.

Photo credit – Richard Davenport c. 2016, Jungle Book



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