This blog has two joint objectives:

1) Document my journey towards working in the arts, either as an administrator or as a producer (I hope!)

2) Provide advice and information to anyone thinking about doing likewise.

I’ve struggled to find sources of information about creating/ producing theatre on the administrative side on the internet. What I want to do here is write up all I know/find out, so that other people can find it and use it!

I post a combination of more general advice/information and give updates about my projects and what I’m learning every Friday at 5pm UK time.

The blog may be of interest to anyone

  • Who wants to make a career in theatre administration/production
  • Who wants advice on producing amateur or student theatre
  • Interested in how theatre administration/production works
  • Interested in the projects I work on


My Current Projects:

  • Producer, Cigarettes and Chocolate, 1st-2nd February 2017, ADC Theatre, Cambridge
  • Administrator, The Fisher Consort

My Past Projects:

Check me out on Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin at the links on the homepage, and follow this blog for regular updates! Please do contact me here if you have any questions or requests.

All opinions published on this blog are my own, and not those of any person/group mentioned/linked.